The Pandemic: A letter of Curiosity From Our Children. 

Hey Mum,

I like this. I really like this.

I like not rushing, I like this whole slowing it down thing.

Hey Mum, wanna build that LEGO house with me?

I really like you. I like the smells in our home. I see that you’re cooking a lot. The smells make me feel warm, close to you, and settled.

I like you, Mum.

Hey Mum, wanna bake… again?

Hearing stories about you baking and all the recipes you like to try makes me feel closer to you. I feel connected.  I get to hear you share a part of you that maybe you haven’t gotten to show me. Life has been fast. I like fast, but like the run around for fun type of fast, not the other kind.

Mum, life is going to change again once this all comes to a rest. Please don’t forget these times, can we keep this up? Or maybe even some parts of it? Please, Mum. 

Hey, Mum I need you. I’m hungry. I’m stuck. I’m frustrated. Angry. You feel that too, right?

Waves. The pacific ocean, west coast. Remember we went there, Mum. 

Tell me about that trip again. Sure, I’ll wait for you to warm up your coffee, again. 

I feel connected to you, Mum. 

Your stories

Your pace

Your creativity

Your patience

Your deep breaths

Your sighs

Your resilience

Your laughter

I see you, Mum.

We’re connected. 

Written By, Lisa Azzopardi, CYC, MSW, RSW

Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist