“ Community groups, Workshops and Programs offer the opportunity to engage in mutuality- that is connecting with others who share similar experiences including offering a degree of validation that may be difficult to capture in day to day life”.


There are various types of groups that may feel like a good fit for you based on your identified needs, learning styles, personality type and overall goals. Groups are often where individuals have the experience of building community through relationship development, learn new skills to support their mental health and gain perspective, support and validation of experiences through mutuality. 

A Skills Building Workshop for Parents with Adolescents

Group Description:

Being parents can be an extremely enjoyable and challenging at times, especially as adolescents go through the normative developmental stages while navigating school, friends, and the complexities of digital and social media.  As youth encounter life’s complexities, they may be exhibiting signs of normal stress and anxiety, they may also exhibit mental health issues such as depression and/or concerning rebellious and at-risk behaviours. These challenging times can become stressful and hard on families, schools and communities. With the use of both clinically informed interventions and knowledge gained from years of direct practice, this program will provide parents with a venue to understand what is behind the behaviours of adolescents. This includes gaining perspective on their brain development, their emotions, and their lived experiences.


The themes and target areas that this program will cover include:

   Learning about adolescent brain development and how it influences behaviours (Siegal, D., 2013)

 How to manage intense emotions and teach emotional regulation (Miller, Rathus & Linehan, 2007)

  Applying validation skills to enhance communication and improve the parent-child and family relationships     (Linehan,    M., 1997; Fruzzeti)

  Practice effective limit setting strategies (Greene, R., 2010; Linehan, M.1997)

  Building on ideas of conscious parenting and mindfulness to increase awareness (Shefali, 2018).

Our skills course curriculum key areas are central to DBT skills training, including emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and improving interpersonal relationships. The interactive experiential course aims to provide skills and tools that will help parents manage their adolescents’ intense emotions, and anxiety, and improve familial relationships. As clinicians who employ a variety of therapeutic modalities in our work, we also recognize the value of incorporating attachment theory, narrative approaches and mindfulness techniques into the course content. We have devised ways in which to introduce and teach various levels of validation as well as methods to imbed culturally sensitive mindfulness practices.  Over the past 4 years, this program has been developed, piloted and received significant feedback from the Children’s Mental Health Community in Toronto. This has led to obtaining significant endorsement from parents who have engaged in the program, including their acknowledgement of how this program has significantly impacted their adolescent’s mental health in addition to their own.


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Maternal Mental Health Group

Group Description:

This group aims to decrease levels of depression and anxiety, increase self-esteem and adjustment to parenting, decrease social and emotional isolation, and improve marital and familial relationships. This group offers a space for parents with infants 0-8 months of age, to share their postpartum experiences and develop strategies to strengthen their interpersonal skills at a time when feelings of isolation are heightened.

This is a support type group with psycho-education. Participants are invited to share their experiences in a safe and non-judgemental environment, while their confidentiality is respected.

The group will address themes including:

Processing Of Narrative: Infertility, Miscarriages & Birth

Post-Partum Recovery: Identifying Birth Trauma

A Parent’s New Identity: Self Care & Adjustment

Relational & Family Dynamics: Communication & Coping

Mood: Post-Partum Depression & Anxiety

Caring For a Newborn: Attachment Based Interventions

Building Community: Forming New Relationships & Resources

This will be a closed group with 12 registrants. Participants are welcome to bring their infant with them to the group, and are also welcome to continue to attend without their child if they wish.

Group Details:

Spring 2020

Wellbe Family Wellness (Leslieville, Toronto) 


$119 ( +HST) (Inclusive of all 6 Group Sessions)

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In light of current global health concerns, all services including groups are being offered virtually.

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